Where can I order printed bath cosmetics?

If you are a corporate customer, ask your promotional products dealer about our products - he/she will be happy to advise you. If you like, we can also forward your inquiry to one of our dealers in your area. We are wholesalers and sell on behalf of the manufacturer. In our experience, you will only receive the best service on site and through personal support. We ensure this with our dense dealer network.

I am an end customer - where can I find the products in the retail stores?

The manufacturer - Bademeisterei Manufaktur GmbH - supplies the retail market in the DACH region. This means that you will find these or similar products (possibly other variants) e.g. at DM, Müller, Rossmann, etc.
Or visit the Bademeisterei online shop soon - you will soon be able to order directly there.

How do I become a dealer?

If you are a distributor of promotional products and are interested in our great products, please contact us. Please use our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I also use the products in the whirlpool?

No - our products contain three high quality moisturizing ingredients (cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil). These fats would clog the jets of the spa.

For every skin type?

Our products are all anti-allergenic and suitable for all skin types.

Why clean the bathtub after use?

Due to the high fat content of our care baths. After bathing, a slight film of grease remains on the surface of the bathtub.
If this film is not removed, it can slip in the bathtub.

Do the products stain?

No - our products do not stain. Neither the bathtub nor the skin.

Are there minimum order quantities?

Yes, there is. Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per article or 250 pieces per set.

Where is production?

Production takes place in the most modern cosmetic manufactory in Austria (Styria).

Which articles are available in the Organza bag?

In the Organza bag you will receive our 2-er organic bath hearts and the vegan organic bath ball. All other products are delivered in printed cardboard boxes. Organza bags in white and pink as standard. Further colours on request against surcharge.

Are there any gift sets?

Yes, we offer our original Badetaler as a 3-piece set (with 3 motifs), the organic bath hearts as a 6-piece gift set and the organic bath balls as a 4-piece gift set - all with individual design on the packaging.
Minimum order quantity sets: 250 pcs.

Can I also order completely individual bath cosmetics?

Yes, in larger quantities we are happy to realize individual ideas for you.
Since recipe adjustments and safety assessments are necessary according to the Cosmetics Ordinance and possibly individual tools, this only makes sense in quantities of 30,000 pcs. or more.
(bubble bath bombs from 10.000 pcs.).
If desired, also provided raw materials can be integrated into new recipes (e.g. coffee powder, milk powder, salt, magnesium... ).

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